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Here are several lists of Yo Mama Jokes. Click to reach each specific list. You also have permission to add your own jokes. just read the lists though, to prevent repeated entries.

The jokes are organised in the following groups:

Fat, Ugly, Stupid, Poor, Hairy, Old, Five Nights at Freddys

Yo mama So FatEdit

Main article: Yo Mama So Fat

Yo Mama So UglyEdit

Main article: Yo Mama So Ugly

Yo Mama So StupidEdit

Main article: Yo Mama So Stupid

Yo Mama So PoorEdit

Main article: Yo Mama So Poor

Yo Mama So HairyEdit

Main article: Yo Mama So Hairy

Yo Mama So OldEdit

Main article: Yo Mama So Old

Yo mama 5 nights at freddys jokes

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