There was once a girl, who was a girl, who said she was a girl, who wanted to be a girl, who smelled like a girl, who done everything like a girl, who laughed like a girl and she was a girl. She went to the kitchen to take some snacks, which was 7 days old, made 7 days before, fried 7 days ago, lived 7 days ago and was rotten 7 days ago. She called her dog which married a bitch, the bitch was kind, kind like the lady, lady like the dog. The Lady went to the market when a boy saw her. She was 17, 17 years old, 17 years she lived on this world, her body was 17 years old. "Your style is new" commented the boy. The girl shyly looked at him. Then he said "But your old" That was no one than the little girl who called the dog after 7 years. She told the boy who was 18 "Your 18 years old, 18 years OLD! and your too old like a bitch!" Then the bitch came and bit her. If your reading this, your reading a POINTLESS, JOKELESS, SENSELESS STORY. So better I stop and leave at the next bus which comes after infinite days. So, I'll be travelling for 1 second and reach my home in 7 hours. I don't know why AM I blabbering to you, but reader if your a boy, eat poop :D, And if your a girl go and eat poop with that boy.

Nothing of this was done for offence or defence

Copright reserved. You can take this where ever you want! XD

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